Rich and Creamy Mango Mirror Cheesecake


Dad’s 52nd birthday cake was a success! I scoured the Internet for recipes and was rightly disappointed by the results so instead I came up with my own!
That on my next post! 🙂

The Starting Chef


Missing: The Starting Chef

My last post was April 27 2011, and that’s almost nine months. It’s crazy how much life can change in such a short time.

To be honest I have baked probably only once since then. I think it was a mango cheesecake for Hari Raya which was quite a success but as I had just begun a new job fresh after graduating as a headhunter I had barely enough time to sleep let alone update my blog!

These nine months has been a rough roller coaster ride and I hope 2012 would bring me and my loved ones a lot of much-needed love and peace!

With that being said, I’m really wondering how I can add pictures to my blog from my iPhone which I’m using to type. (Did I mention? In this nine months my camera and laptop died on me.)

Once I have figured that out I would update my blog with my post on mango cheese cake which I will be baking again tomorrow for someone who misses my cheesecakes and has been asking for the longest time.

I also realized it’s my dad’s birthday on Wednesday so maybe I can turn it into a pretty little birthday cake!

Tomorrow I’ll be hitting Cold Storage as Singapore is currently a dead town as it is Chinese New Year!

Once I get all my ingredients I’ll get the cheesecake done and update after the birthday!


The Starting Chef