Lazy Saturdays

I don’t know about yours but I like my Saturdays served lazy.

Waking up to room service knocking on your door , having a nice warm shower and then making your way down to a cute French bakery down the street? I don’t know anything that could be better.

(Except of course not having a shower and going to the coffee shop under my block and having roti prata with fish curry and a steaming cup of black coffee. But this is not an option)

I am not trying to make any of you jealous because… really.. waking up to the breaking dawn and going for 10km run and having muesli for breakfast would be infinitely better for your health but in all honesty I truly believe pastries and coffee give about the same effect on your mood and much more easier to achieve.
Anyway the point I wanted to make was this French bakery I found today morning was brill. Loved the waiters and the counter girl (all of them French no less) , all of them friendly and sweet. (My waiter even fixed my creaky table for me. Very gallant.)
It is called Le Bon Choix and it’s situated in the far end of Queen Street. Cakes, bread, macaron and croissants you name it they have it and all in fine taste.
What impressed me best was the almond croissant. It was warm, crumbly, buttery, sweet with the slight crunch of  the toasted almonds as you bite into it…as the crumbs unglamorously fall onto your lap and nestle all over your chin… Maybe not if you’re one of “those”.

But anyway, point being -they are delicious. The plain croissants are stuffed with a rich almond cream filling known as crème d’amandes. Traditionally French bakeries used this method to give new life to day-old croissants. And boy am I glad I was the one to give new life to this day old croissant. My kind act for the day.

The Starting Chef
P.S: That’s the chocolate donut I had after the almond croissant because life is short.

Review: Gayathri Restaurant

I was in Little India a couple of days ago with KB and was starving and it was 7pm and I haven’t had anything to eat except for a sardine curry puff early that morning. So we decided to go all out and have a nice dinner at Gayathri’s. We went straight in and sat in the very simply but elegantly designed restaurant. I love places which have warm lights in them and this one did. If you know me, you would know that I hate white lights with a passion. Just ask my ex-house mates. We sit in darkness most of the time thanks to me. I just find them too harsh to for my eyes and come on, EVERYTHING looks better in dim, low lights. Mmmm very romantic too.

But that’s definitely not the reason why I like them. Really.

Anyway! Back to the story, if you’ve been there before you’d know they have those nifty little things which you press to get the waiter to get your order, refills etc. See the image below.

So of course we both nicely sat our bums there waiting for someone to take our order without realizing we had to press one of those that..order-pressing button thingie. Sooner or later, a  waitress did come, and strangely pressed the ‘order’ button and stalked off.

So anyway, she left and another equally pissed-off looking waiter came to take our order promptly. We then ordered an appam set, thosai set and a side of mutton vindaloo as I was starving as always.

The masala thosai set came first, the thosai was nothing out of the ordinary, it was your typical South Indian meal. But what made it special was the chutney  with the slight greenish tint to it ( I think it was mint); it was creamy, rich and bursting with flavour! Mmmmmmm!

The appam set was next; good, no complaints, fluffy on the inside and crisp on the out side, and also,since I’m such a girl I give them extra points for giving it such a cutsey flower shape. Just look at it!

I like. They gave too little orange sugar though, and when I asked the waitress for more she gave me “the attitude” and plonked it down on the table with a grim face of death.

The last dish would be the mutton vindaloo. Well, that dish actually inspired this well meaning post. For starters, there was only maybe four  tablespoons of it on the miniature plate. That turned out to be a good thing eventually because we did not like it! I felt that the mutton was overcooked, it could have been fish for all I knew! I don’t know about you but I like my meat to have a little bite to it! They mutton pieces were so small that they were tearing away in strips. To add to this, it was really salty and that was about the only thing I could taste. Maybe the cook had a bad day or something ?

Anyway, I actually went there because of its ‘nice conversation over a quiet dinner’ type of ambience. However I always appreciate quality customer service which I think is lacking in this restaurant. I am not being fussy because I have worked in a restaurant thrice the size of this and it is really very exhausting; I go home everyday smattered and I still had to work on assignments. However, I save my pissy face for after work. Haha! But I liked working there because my managers were really funny and quite sweet and I guess that shows on the staff’s face. Hmmm… so that’s something to ponder about for the manager of Gayathri !

I will go there again but maybe this time only for their naans and that cute appam set 🙂