Food for Thought: Mr Darcy

I was reading all of Jane Austen’s classics and of course Pride & Prejudice has taken its prized spot in being my favourite book of all time and I could not resist writing a post on this, mostly because none of the people I know would care to listen. And also because none of them have read the book. It’s ok I love them regardless.

Millions of women across the globe would have fell in love with Mr Darcy.. So what is it about Mr Darcy that makes women swoon despite the chaste descriptions of Austen?

Darcy was more a romantic than Byronic hero as opposed to Edward Rochester in Jane Eyre. Oh what the heck I think he was both. The Byronic hero was described by the historian and critic Lord Macaulay as “a man proud, moody, cynical, with defiance on his brow, and misery in his heart, a scorner of his kind, implacable in revenge, yet capable of deep and strong affection”. It was derived from Lord Byron’s works as a character-type who is a “boldly defiant but bitterly self-tormenting outcast, proudly contemptuous of social norms but suffering from some unnamed sin” .

It is rare to meet such a person and when you do, first impressions would make you cringe or feel inadequate at the least and of course the rare Elizabeth or Jane comes along and squelches his brick walls to dust with their wit, candour and of course not to mention unwavering love and understanding.

As wonderful and sincere as Bingley seemed we all can be quite sure that he didn’t make history. In fact, I feel the common saying used to describe men; tall, dark and handsome was not referring to his skin tone but that elusive mysteriousness of the personality which makes women with a love of adventure to want to solve and of course let’s give a moment of silence to Colin Firth’s portrayal of Mr Darcy in the BBC mini series. ( Though I have to say he screwed up the bit where Elizabeth professes her love for him) But oh well I think the lake scene more than made up for it; and you wouldn’t get the beauty of the scene if you didn’t read the book. 😉

Just saying.


The Starting Chef


To Buy or not to Buy: Food Processor

Should I or should I not get a food processor?

Pricey Beauty

My parents think that (and everything else I have ever spent on) is a waste of money. However, as much as crushing digestives like BamBam from Flintstones is therapeutic; I can’t help wanting to be more professional,besides it makes pureeing fruits like raspbs or strawbs that much easier. The fact that I considered pouring water while blending strawbs to makes the blades of the ancient blender at home to actually move, is sad. Not to mention I could whip up cake batters Nigella style, in a jiffy, with a food processor. But I don’t want to get all excited and get the first cheapest one I find. I want quality, and I am a firm believer of you only get what you pay for. So I shall go browse at a few stores before I decide!

Having thought about it, it also doesn’t help that my birthday is only in September. Otherwise I could have got my whole family to share and get me the Cuisinart 7 cup food processor. I think that costs like a frillion dollars. I wouldn’t even consider getting anything smaller than a 7 cup. What’s the point of having to do my cake batters in two batches and not being able to fit my biscuits inside the machine. I’d rather be BamBam.



Happy New Yearrrrr!

Okayyy I know I am two months late! But Happppyyyy Neeeeewwww Yeaaaarrr!

It has been a good year thus far! And guess what I made a resolution today! Once again two months late! But still a resolution is a resolution. I am gonna keep to it! KB you’re not allowed to ask what it is. No amount of threats will make me say it. It might jinx my resolution.

So yes, if you must know I have been working really hard this past month. And believe it or not, yesterday was the first time I came home straight after work and today is the first Saturday that I am actually at home. It’s just that I have non-stop plans either with my family or friends and I am quite thankful for this little breather of a weekend.

I came home and went straight to the nearest grocery store and got myself some condensed milk and lime juice to make cheesecake. You must be wondering why in blue heavens I bought those to ingredients to make cheesecake.

There is a reason and a story behind that which I will tell you in detail in my next post. The reason why I can’t write that post yet is cos I haven’t tasted my cheesecake yet in fact I haven’t even cut it yet. But boyyyyy does it look good. The cheese cake looks perfect.

Otherwise recently I made fried Chinese style black carrot cake.. Part of my journey towards completing “The Starting Chef’s Top Ten Dishes“. It was awesome and my dad was very impressed by it, which is always a good thing.

So anyway, Happy New Year once again, hope all of you guys have a great year, full of fabulousity everyday! You can look forward to my new post tomorrow alritey!



The Starting Chef

Food For Thought!

Doesn’t this look amazing?

(Okay, I know all of you got excited thinking that I made this but I will soon enough!)

A very amazing chef made this, her name is Cristina, the only food blog I actually ever read faithfully.

She lives in France, and I adore the touch of beauty she puts in everything that she does..

Can you see how the chocolate glaze has a beautiful sheen to it?? (♥.♥)

Gosh, how many recipes I have tried only to see my chocolate glaze harden atop my cake just like a chocolate covering on an ice cream. (Think Magnum)

Or worse, my chocolate cream topping  which not only was overly sweet it didn’t taste the slightest bit of chocolate! (Okay Nisha, please get over that)

So! Enough of my failed endeavors ! I am but a amateur after all! When I look at some creations of famous pastry chefs, it makes my heart stop.

Now, because this dessert looks and probably tastes so special, I want to make it for all the special people in my life.

My mum; my most valued taste tester for all my savoury food and who also taught me the wonders of the kitchen (and marble cake), my dad who thinks I should start a bakery and who also thinks I’m the sole cause of skyrocketing gas and electricity bills in the house because the oven is always switched, my brother who devours my food silently in the background amidst the constant chaos in my house regardless of how anything tastes,  and of course Ismail, simply because he loves everything I have ever made, the way he notices every little special effort I put in everything I make, and how he insists on capturing in picture everything that I make. ♥

I miss home!

That’s all for today! I have two tests next week! So hopefully I can update my blog for all my lovely constantly drooling readers!:D


Nisha ♥

P.S: I dreamed of a red velvet cake yesterday, is it a sign for my next entry?

Food for Thought

My friend Lav wrote this about my blog:

“So, you can just imagine how happy I was when I found out that my good friend started a blog. Not any blog, a food blog! Yup, she cooks and she blogs about her lovely creations. Recipes and all! YUM! You can check it out here

They are simple and easy to follow without all that weird jargon which cook books and other food blogs have. Super cool, you must check it out.

I might just try her sambal ikan bilis! Will keep you updated on how it went ;)

Isn’t she the sweetest? She obviously likes it and I’m happy because a lot of people have been saying that my recipes are really easy to understand without any fancy schmancy instructions. I appreciate all of your positive comments!



The Starting Chef

I always loved food. Back in my teenage years when girls were dieting their brains out I was wondering what I would have for dinner during lunch.

I was more into eating than cooking because cooking seemed like too much work. However, as I grew more exposed to my mum’s cooking and her techniques; which was her profession for nearly 8 years of her life and I decided that yes, I do enjoy it.

I enjoyed it  even more so when I saw my loved ones (especially my boyfriend), enjoy the food I cook and the cakes I bake. So I want to share the love and hope everyone would enjoy trying out my much loved recipes as much as I did.