To Buy or not to Buy: Food Processor

Should I or should I not get a food processor?

Pricey Beauty

My parents think that (and everything else I have ever spent on) is a waste of money. However, as much as crushing digestives like BamBam from Flintstones is therapeutic; I can’t help wanting to be more professional,besides it makes pureeing fruits like raspbs or strawbs that much easier. The fact that I considered pouring water while blending strawbs to makes the blades of the ancient blender at home to actually move, is sad. Not to mention I could whip up cake batters Nigella style, in a jiffy, with a food processor. But I don’t want to get all excited and get the first cheapest one I find. I want quality, and I am a firm believer of you only get what you pay for. So I shall go browse at a few stores before I decide!

Having thought about it, it also doesn’t help that my birthday is only in September. Otherwise I could have got my whole family to share and get me the Cuisinart 7 cup food processor. I think that costs like a frillion dollars. I wouldn’t even consider getting anything smaller than a 7 cup. What’s the point of having to do my cake batters in two batches and not being able to fit my biscuits inside the machine. I’d rather be BamBam.




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