Happy New Yearrrrr!

Okayyy I know I am two months late! But Happppyyyy Neeeeewwww Yeaaaarrr!

It has been a good year thus far! And guess what I made a resolution today! Once again two months late! But still a resolution is a resolution. I am gonna keep to it! KB you’re not allowed to ask what it is. No amount of threats will make me say it. It might jinx my resolution.

So yes, if you must know I have been working really hard this past month. And believe it or not, yesterday was the first time I came home straight after work and today is the first Saturday that I am actually at home. It’s just that I have non-stop plans either with my family or friends and I am quite thankful for this little breather of a weekend.

I came home and went straight to the nearest grocery store and got myself some condensed milk and lime juice to make cheesecake. You must be wondering why in blue heavens I bought those to ingredients to make cheesecake.

There is a reason and a story behind that which I will tell you in detail in my next post. The reason why I can’t write that post yet is cos I haven’t tasted my cheesecake yet in fact I haven’t even cut it yet. But boyyyyy does it look good. The cheese cake looks perfect.

Otherwise recently I made fried Chinese style black carrot cake.. Part of my journey towards completing “The Starting Chef’s Top Ten Dishes“. It was awesome and my dad was very impressed by it, which is always a good thing.

So anyway, Happy New Year once again, hope all of you guys have a great year, full of fabulousity everyday! You can look forward to my new post tomorrow alritey!



The Starting Chef


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