Kueh Tart (Pineapple Tarts)





Kueh Tarts have become that much easier to make because of the pre-made pineapple filling that’s available in every supermarket!  And I am wise enough to know what sort of stuff to make from scratch and what not to; and the pineapple filling is not one of them. Sitting down and grating the life out of the pineapple? I’ll leave that to the experts! But of course good on you if you choose to do so! ( My mum used to do that too)


Anyway, you can spruce up the filling (I use the BakeKing brand) by adding it to a heated pot, pouring in half a cup of water, one tablespoon of sugar, some pandan leaves and wait till its nice soft and sticky!

For the dough I am afraid I do not have the exact recipe as I measured it according to the texture of the dough.. But here it is, I added in 500gms of plain flour, 200gms butter at room temperature, half a tin of ghee (small) , one tbsp icing sugar, one egg, pinch of salt and a tbsp of vanilla essence and I was done. The dough should be able to form a nice smooth ball and not be sticky or crumble into pieces when you touch it. If it does just add more flour.

Then, I just rolled the dough into small balls, made a little indentation in the middle then I “sipet” (make designs) around the indentation. I baked it at 150degrees Celsius for about 10-15 minutes.



It turned out pretty and KB thought it tasted good too and he finished 8 tarts in one sitting while my bro and dad polished off the rest! I actually do not enjoy eating kueh tart or even mahmur for some reason, but I really enjoyed this one!





The Starting Chef



6 thoughts on “Kueh Tart (Pineapple Tarts)

  1. The best home made Kueh tarts Tat I have ever tasted. Not being bias but they are really gd. It jus melts in your mouth. Very impressive.

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