Back for Good!

Was the last time I blogged really 2 months ago?! Time really flew by faster than I could have imagined! The reason for my lack of existence was my final semester exams. Final meaning, final! It was my last month in Perth, I was juggling my exams, deadlines for major assignments, a part-time job, as well as packing up to go back to Singapore for good!

Now I am back in Singapore for good am looking for a permanent job to the best of my ability, meanwhile I got an offer at a bank and we will see how it goes first!

If you all must know, remember all those months back when I proudly claimed the top ten dishes I am gonna make when I’m back in Singapore? Well, I started off by making two of those; the marble cheesecake and the kueh tart. They were both an astounding success and I enjoyed making them both as well.

In my next few posts I will be uploading the pictures of my endeavors!

Past few days, I have made chicken rice, chicken curry, mee soto with begedil and a variety of other foods! I am gonna be more hardworking with my blog from now onwards!


The Starting Chef


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