The Starting Chef’s Top Ten Dishes

I have made a list of the dishes I plan on making once I am back in Singapore! I gain a personal satisfaction trying to make some of the dishes that we wouldn’t really think twice about cos it’s just everywhere. But once you make it on your own, the dish doesn’t seem so ‘normal’ anymore because of the lengths we go through to get the ingredients and the steps right. Which is why cooking and baking makes me so happy, cos I am there whilst making it and I’m there to see the finished product. It’s just a nice feeling. Anyway, here’s the top 10!!

1) Otak-Otak

Now, everybody loves otak-otak (please google it. it’s awesome) sold at pasar malams in Singapore.. There is one every month  or so near the vicinity that I live in.. My heart doesn’t feel at rest unless I order ten otak and drink some sugar cane juice while I wait. IloveitandIwannamakeitbymyself.

2) Marble Cheesecake

Because it seems to be the rage now and everybody talks about the one sold at Secret Recipe in Singapore. Okay maybe not everybody but at least everybody I know. I make my brother cheesecakes every week or so when I am in Singapore but somehow the marble cheesecake in Secret Recipe seems to get him more excited. Fine then. I’ll make it. Only because I wanna prove a point.

3) Mango Mirror Cake

It’s one of those cakes you buy at the local, under the block bakery where the aunty always “lai lai” you when you walk past. Sure you could get them at the more high-end or like they say in French, “atas” bakeries like.. I dunno.. Bengawan Solo? Prima Deli? (I’m sorry but this one just screams E.coli to me after that huge scandal.) But I was originally in awe of that cake, I always wanted THAT cake for my birthday when I was a kid because it was so… bright and shiny and mangoey and shiny and pwetty. Maybe I will make it for my birthday. Only because I don’t know anyone else who will. Except for that aunty.

4) Chicken Pau

I like Chicken pau. Who doesn’t? Back in the days when I was a latch-key kid, this used to be my meal every day when I got hungry. I got one big chicken pau, instant noodles tom yum flavour ( I only eat tom yum flavor! I’m gourmet like that) and I also got a bottle of Milkmaid Banana milk and it HAS to be banana flavour! My tastes were exquisite even back then. Furthermore, back when KB had a little crush on me a long time ago he used to bring me one big chicken pau and Ribena whenever he met me; cos he knew somehow buying me chicken pau takes you a looooong way.

5) Doughnuts or is it donuts?

Forget Krisy Kreme or, the best donuts in the world, according to me are sold at Sweet Rings at Bukit Merah Central. Old school donuts without your fancy schmancy cream cheese with cinnamon..or something. Once when I had to go for eye surgery TO REMOVE SOMETHING FROM THE INSIDE OF MY EYELIDS (paaainnfulll!!), KB brought me there to console me. He was slightly disappointed that I didn’t share much.

6) Black Carrot Cake, yes this time it’s the chinese one.

When I was a little younger my mum and I always used to ‘hang out’ at Jurong Point Banquet. The carrot cake there was awesome and we bought it unfailingly whether we were hungry or not.  Since I don’t know many people including KB who don’t like it then I guess I should try making it.

7) Apple Pie

Not the one from McDonald’s but a really old-fashioned apple pie like the picture above . Because once I saw KB looking hugely impressed by this pre-made pie in some supermarket and wondering aloud on how they actually make such stuff, if that’s not a hint then I dunno what is so I thought it would be nice to make it.

8.Kueh Tart

My mum used to make awesome festive biscuits like kueh tart and mahmur. I say used to cos now she is working full-time and she doesn’t have the time and she usually just buys it from Johor which are good but you know, not the same as making them on your own.  Maybe for this year’s Eid, I might make some…I know you want some!

9) Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

Now I made cinnamon rolls just last month.. I haven’t had the time to put the recipe on my blog yet though.

Anyway, I only made the plain cinnamon roll.. I want to try it with melted chocolate.. That’s because, when I was in secondary school, there used to be this shop called Saint Cinnamon which hands down sold THE BEST cinnamon rolls on the surface of this earth. Yes, the earth. My friend and I we always bought the chocolate ones and I used to make such a royal mess whilst eating that because the melted chocolate just oozed and overflowed out of the rolls. Sadly and ridiculously the shop doesn’t even exist in Singapore anymore. A very dear loss in my opinion. The nearest would be in Kuala Lumpur. Anybody want to take a franchise over here in Singapore? That’s a good business idea right there for you!  Anyhow, I’m gonna use my previous recipe and I’m gonna  try to make it as chocolatey and as divine as Saint Cinnamon’s.. I dunno how yet but I will!

10) Cupcakes

Cos they’re pweety. And also cos I was kindly presented with cupcake decorating tools which I need to make use of!

I had fun with this post, we’ll see whether I get around to making all these by the end of the year. Please do leave your comments and suggestions. Thanks! 😉


The Starting Chef ♥


18 thoughts on “The Starting Chef’s Top Ten Dishes

  1. I want!! I love the chocolate cinnamon roll!! and the cupcake and the mango cake!

    ps: my mom and i love the black carrot cake at jp banquet too!!

    BTW, the last time you were here i wanted to buy you the mango cake cos i remembered you ever commented on my photo album saying you always wanted to try but nvr did! Of cos i nvr got the chance to do so cos u were sick! If i bought, your brother would have finished it off! MUAHAHAHAHA.

    it’s ok. When you come back… we’ll go have one ok? Then you cake improvise and perfect the cake and you can let me taste it:P

    1. hahhaahahh! Sounds like a good idea but you muz bring me to a place which has good mango cake! and i’m definitely making the chocolate cinnamon roll once im back so we’ll def get to taste it!

      1. Hi love. I saw all the new recipes you wanna try out. The marble cheesecake and the mango mirror cake, they look especially delicious. I’m going to try out a cheesecake on hari raya, so I wanted to tell you to come back, if your contemplating on cmg back for raya.
        I love you.

  2. the first thing i wud really want to try is the marble cheesecake, followed by the mango mirror cake then the cupcakes. 😀

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