a la mousse de chocolat blanc

You might remember this from my earlier Food for thought post. (You can just click on the link)

I have been wanting to make this cake for like… forever! Though mine did not quite turn out like Cristina’s I did try my best!  Everyone loved it! It was gone in a day! It also tastes better after being refrigerated for half a day before having it! I will not be posting any recipes as Cristina has done a good job of that! And those stumped at the gelatine part, they sell halal gelatine at some Fairprice and baking specialty shops so go get it! The pictures posted below are the steps I went through to do this! So please try out this elegant dessert to wow your family and friends or husbands! And I have to say that the glaçage mirroir (the chocolate glaze) was beautiful and divine (see how it shines!!!!!!!) and turned out so well! I love her for showing me the secret of achieving such a finish. Thank you Cristina!

So what do you think? I think its gorgeous. It’s gonna be my baby! And just like I wanted; the people I mentioned in my ‘Food for thought’ post ate it and loved it!

Thanks for getting me the berries and peaches petit ami. You’re such a sweetheart!

I started out making the chocolate biscuit base though mine tasted more like chocolate cake!

Then I sliced up the strawberries and lined the sides of the pan.

The next picture is supposed to be of my white chocolate mousse but I was so busy I did not get a chance to take a picture. SO we will skip to this picture of the glaçage mirroir which is french for cocoa mirror glaze. Oh by the way this cake is of a french descent thus the french name for it.

That’s me ogling my white chocolate mousse heaven which was placed rather precariously on my coffee table.


It looks like this after it has been cut. You can then see the white chocolate mousse.

Beautiful ain’t it?





4 thoughts on “a la mousse de chocolat blanc

  1. wow nisha this has to be the best i’ve seen!.. its looks amazing!.. n i have decided this is what u’ll prepare for me once u get back 😉
    this just looks so prettyyyy!!

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