Strawberry Cupcake with Strawberry Frosting

Be prepared for people to ooh and aah over these little beauties. You have to make these! I take back what I said about me not having a sweet tooth. The smell of strawberries wafting in the air while the cupcakes were baking in the oven was too much for my heart to resist.

Okay so I scarfed down 5 of em’ and am making it sound all fancy.

They’re that good. Trust me. You can’t go wrong with this recipe inspired from Amy’s experiment to find the best strawberry cupcake recipe. She’s a winner. Though I did make changes, it doesn’t really matter. They’re alll yummy!  And yes, you have to make the frosting.

No frosting = No yummy cupcakes!

So now,  presenting to you my strawberry cupcake..

He is a cute little bugger isn’t he? (Maybe it’s a she?)

Strawberry cupcake:

1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup butter
1 large egg
3/4 cup milk mixed with 1 tbsp vinegar OR 1 cup yoghurt (strawberry flavour would be good)
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. baking soda
1/3 cup fresh strawberries, diced


2  Tbsp. butter, softened
1 cup powdered sugar
1/4 cup mashed strawberries

First you dice em’

No, first you preheat your oven to about 160 degrees Celsius. Then you dice em’ strawberries. Say hello to my thumb.

Then you make the frosting. Whiz them together.

It should look like this…

And then this…

But not this..

I would know.. ( This is what happens when you start getting really happy whizzing the life out of your frosting. My point is… Don’t! Less than a minute and it should be done! I had to re-do mine!)

You can leave the frosting in the fridge while you go on to make the cupcake.

Now for the cupcake, you just whiz the butter and sugar, then add the egg and the rest of the wet ingredients. Then you just add the dry ingredients… sift it first… or not..

Then, put them in the oven for about 20-25minutes, it doesn’t really turn pink cos I did not mash the strawberries first and no, don’t do that, just add a few drops of red food colouring but it’s really unnecessary as the frosting covers the cupcake  anyway.

You can slice them in half to see what they look like inside.

Just use a spoon to scoop the frosting on. (Those who read my previous entries, that’s my new cupcake liner. Looking at it makes my heart go pitter-pat.)

I stuck a strawberry lollipop in there cos that’s how I roll.

Isn’t it a sight for sore eyes though! Enjoy! (Everyone at my house suuure did!)

Till next time! Ciao bella!




26 thoughts on “Strawberry Cupcake with Strawberry Frosting

  1. you are cooking/baking more without me. it’s because I eat everything right? right?? hmph!! I don’t know how my grandma’s kitchen works.. it’s sooo old school it’s annoying.

      1. you are procrastinatinggggggggggg. oklah, good good. food and destress. perfect. GOODLUCKKKKKKKKKKKK ❤

  2. omg you guys this is sooo niceeeee. thanks nishnish. next time i’ll buy more stuff and hinthint for you to make smthg. hee hee.

  3. I will be celebrating my sons first b-day. I think I have the right recipe for dessert. Thanks for sharing. I bet they would definitely love the Strawberry Cupcake with Strawberry Frosting.

    1. Hey Mellisa! Thank you! I hope the recipe turned out well! It is really suitable for kids and adult as it is sweet but still a little tangy! Glad you liked it! 🙂

  4. Hey, I just wanted to ask you, around how many cupcakes does this recipe make. Cuz I’m planning on bringing this to a friend’s birthday tomorrow. Hehe.

    1. Nvm, I already made it today. It was Y.U.M.M.Y!!! OMG!!! Everyone loved it!!! It was all gone in minutes!!! Thanks so much for this lovely receipe!!! Will definitely make it again!!! Am already craving for more now =)

      1. I am sorry there was something wrong with my my blog yst, my comments weren’t reflected!But thanks a lot for trying it out! Im really glad everyone liked it! 😀

  5. I hope the recipe turned out well! It is really suitable for kids and adult as it is sweet but still a little tangy! Glad you liked it! thanx for the share.

  6. Hi fellow foodies! I want to make strawberry cupcakes for all my little children guests. But I want to add a little somethign extra. I was thinking of getting fresh strawberries and blending it into a kind of cream to inject into the middle of the cupcake. But…

    I don’t know how to go about doing any of this yet! Help me out, I’d love your suggestions and opinions! Thanks! ( =

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