Because I’m frivolous like that

These are what I went shopping for today after work! There is this little cute as a button store in the heart of Fremantle, Perth that sells the most delightful baking supplies.

Now let me introduce you to the finer things in life…

From right to left, will be my heart-shaped measuring cups ( a must-have), leopard-print muffin liners, vintage floral cupcake liners, white polka dots in pink muffin liners and last but not least my first ever apron!  I have to admit this apron is actually meant for kids, but hey! it fits! and it says mess maker which is what I make most of the time!

So yes, as you can tell, I’m very pleased with my little indulgence today in the name of baking! I hope I actually use these stuff and not just stare at them lovingly forever as I am doing now!


Nisha ♥


7 thoughts on “Because I’m frivolous like that

  1. there’s no like button on your blog!! i like this:D and seriously leopard print? so ris low! hahaha. Miss u babe!

  2. OMG!!! Leopard print muffin liners!!! So so so nice!!! Btw, I love you blog!!! Everything sounds so easy to make!!! I’ve tried your Cheesecake Brownie!!! Awesome recipe!!! Gonna try the strawberry cupcakes next. Souns really really delicious!!! But gotta wait till after my finals. Grr… Then the white chocolate chip cookies when I’m back in Malaysia for Summer. =) I posted your blog on my blog!!! Hehehe!!! Though nothing special cuz its justa normal blog.

    1. Wow… Thanks so much for saying that you love my blog! That means so much to me! I am so happy to hear that the cheesecake brownie turned out well! And you definitely have to make the strawberry cupcakes they were reaaally good especially with the frosting! What is your blog address? I would love to read your blog too… I have finals too in a couple of weeks but will be freed up after that! After that I can go crazy in the kitchen! 🙂 Thanks again for your lovely comment and for actually posting my blog on yours (you’re too kind)! I hope u will enjoy my new posts as well! Good luck for your finals Ashley! god bless! 🙂

      1. Oh crap!!! Just realised I have lots of typos. Hahaha!!! Your welcome!!! But I should be thanking you for putting up all these wonderful yet simple recipes!!! Oh no, shy la. My blog is very erm, dead, and its my fault because I hardly update it. Hehe. But will still give you anyways. It’s in my url. Thanks for the wishes!!! Good luck in your finals too!!! Mine is next Mon, but will be over by Thurs. Hehe. So expect a comment on the cupcakes around then. Hehe!!! I will most definitely enjoy all your upcoming posts!!! Take care!!! =)

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