Food For Thought!

Doesn’t this look amazing?

(Okay, I know all of you got excited thinking that I made this but I will soon enough!)

A very amazing chef made this, her name is Cristina, the only food blog I actually ever read faithfully.

She lives in France, and I adore the touch of beauty she puts in everything that she does..

Can you see how the chocolate glaze has a beautiful sheen to it?? (♥.♥)

Gosh, how many recipes I have tried only to see my chocolate glaze harden atop my cake just like a chocolate covering on an ice cream. (Think Magnum)

Or worse, my chocolate cream topping  which not only was overly sweet it didn’t taste the slightest bit of chocolate! (Okay Nisha, please get over that)

So! Enough of my failed endeavors ! I am but a amateur after all! When I look at some creations of famous pastry chefs, it makes my heart stop.

Now, because this dessert looks and probably tastes so special, I want to make it for all the special people in my life.

My mum; my most valued taste tester for all my savoury food and who also taught me the wonders of the kitchen (and marble cake), my dad who thinks I should start a bakery and who also thinks I’m the sole cause of skyrocketing gas and electricity bills in the house because the oven is always switched, my brother who devours my food silently in the background amidst the constant chaos in my house regardless of how anything tastes,  and of course Ismail, simply because he loves everything I have ever made, the way he notices every little special effort I put in everything I make, and how he insists on capturing in picture everything that I make. ♥

I miss home!

That’s all for today! I have two tests next week! So hopefully I can update my blog for all my lovely constantly drooling readers!:D


Nisha ♥

P.S: I dreamed of a red velvet cake yesterday, is it a sign for my next entry?


6 thoughts on “Food For Thought!

  1. Hello Nisha !

    Thank you for your words and publishing my cake !!
    And don’t be afraid….when I was your age, I had no idea of cooking…I had not discovered cooking, I was not interested in cooking…I was the intellectual type…
    Cooking came to me later in life but if you put passion, you’ll succeed…and every time a recipe fails (which happens very often, even in professional kitchens !), think….think why it went wrong…and try again !!
    Best of luck,
    Cristina (without the “h”….I’m from Argentina)

    1. I only really started enjoying cooking and baking last year.. and I agree with you about how you need to feel passion for it! Thank you Cristina! Sorry about spelling you name wrongly! Best of luck to you too!

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