Chocolate Shock Muffins

Does chocolate oozing out of your dessert  sound like your type of heaven?  Then this is your type of muffin. It is almost sinful to call it a muffin. It tastes more like a cross between a rich brownie and a decadent chocolate cake.

To quote my housemate after she had the muffin….  She said “I will die in peace tonight” … And another housemate said she had a choc-gasm.. I’m pretty sure it was the excessive chocolate doing the talking.

The only way to achieve such supreme chocolatiness is to eat it freshly baked out of the oven..

You could create the same effect the next day with the microwave! 😀  But really, I’d rather just make enough for today and leave the batter for the next day.

Anyway, the reason for the second bout of my muffin making is a lunchtime gathering at my university for some students and I did not want to go empty handed. So after consulting with my housemates we decided to make chocolate muffins.

These are the things you need:

2 cups flour

3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa

1 1/2 cups white sugar

1/2 tsp baking soda

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 1/2 cups of milk

1 egg

3 tbsp vegetable oil ( I use canola oil, it’s supposed to be healthy.. or so they say)

1 tsp vanilla essence ( I used about 1 tbsp simply cos it smells heavenly)

1 tsp coffee granules mixed withe 3 tbsp hot water (Coffee enhances the flavor of chocolate)

1 1/2 cups chocolate chip (milk chocolate or dark chocolate,whatever makes you happy)


3/4 cups chopped almonds/walnuts

All you have to do is sift all the dry ingredients.. ( Eton helped me out happily)

You then beat the egg lightly first then mix all the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients and lightly stir in your chocolate chips into the mixture. Spoon it into the muffin pan lined with cupcake cases. ( I have no idea why I have a look of intense concentration)

You must sprinkle a few pieces of chocolate chips onto the top of the muffin mixture.

You bake it at 175 degrees Celsius for 20-25 minutes and you’re done!

Oozing Chocolate… Need I say more…

They were gone in minutes.. 😀

The muffin liners look so cute!

Hope you guys will try out this recipe, it’s totally worth it!


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12 thoughts on “Chocolate Shock Muffins

  1. hello this is me commenting and i rated already ok.
    i also LOL-ed at eton. suits her well.

    ps. i bought those muffin liners so of course cute la. muahaha

  2. Hi Nisha! Ama linked me to your blog & i love it omggg. You are going to leave me in a state of perpetual hunger, especially because i don’t have an oven/microwave for the next 3 months! Boo.

    Anyway, just saying hi! keep going, everything looks fab!

  3. sorry for not commenting on your muffins!!.. they were fantastic! really very tempting yummmmmm!. we want more.. keep em coming nisha!..=)

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